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Hier informieren wir über Neuigkeiten aus dem Bereich Bioresonanz und Biofeedback - speziell, aber nicht ausschließlich, bezogen auf die SCIO / Eductor Produkte.


Eductor Clinical investigation

NeuigkeitenPosted by Dr. Kai A. Simon 16 Mar, 2016 00:28:19
In April/May 2015, Dr. Dima Augustin, Primary Care Physician in Physical Recovery and Balneophysiotherapy, conducted a clinical investigation of the Eductor device with the title






The study came to the following conclusion:

The data collected after conducting the clinical investigation proved a particularly effectiveness of the Universal Electrophysiological Biofeedback System EDUCTOR in:

- Detection and reduction of stress, depression and anxiety

- Muscular re-education (improvement of the neuromuscular dystonia symptoms and of the muscle contractures)

- Pain treatment

- Detection of medical conditions

as well as safety of its use, no patient reported adverse phenomena / adverse events.

The clinical investigation was carried out in accordance with the standard SR EN ISO 14155:2012 and reported on October 20, 2015.

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Eductor QA-System Audit

NeuigkeitenPosted by Dr. Kai A. Simon 01 Feb, 2016 00:00:39
Did you know that the Eductor QA System has been audited and certified for conformity with the provisions of annex II of Directive 93/42/EEC on medical devices?

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NeuigkeitenPosted by Dr. Kai A. Simon 27 Nov, 2015 23:12:59
Am 26.11.2015 sendete ServusTV eine interessante Reportage zum Thema Spontanheilung.

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NeuigkeitenPosted by Dr. Kai A. Simon 12 Nov, 2015 16:47:54
Den Eductor gibt es jetzt für kurze Zeit zu einem Spezialpreis. Dieser gilt sowohl für den Eintausch von SCIO oder Indigo Altgeräten, als auch für Neukunden.

Mehr Info auf unserer Facebook-Seite.


The Eductor is now available at a special Christmas price for a limited period of time. This offer is valid for trade-in SCIO and Indigo devices, as well as for new customers buying a full package.

More info on our Facebook page.


Eductor finns nu under en kort tidsperiod till ett jul-specialpris. Detta pris gäller för inbyte av SCIO eller Indigo, och för köp av nya paket.

Mer information pa Facebook.

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Bioresonanz in der Rauchentwöhnung

NeuigkeitenPosted by Dr. Kai A. Simon 05 Nov, 2015 23:03:10

Information from a study on the efficacy of bioresonance in smoking cessation:

The study subjected the bioresonance method to a prospective, placebo-controlled, double-blind, parallel-group study involving 190 smokers. In both study groups (placebo n = 95; active bioresonance group; n = 95) the course of treatment and study conditions were standardized.

Results: 1 week (77.2% vs. 54.8%), 2 weeks (62.4% vs. 34.4%), 1 month (51.1% vs. 28.6%), and 1 year (28.6% vs. 16.1%) after treatment, the success rate in the verum group differed significantly from the results in the placebo group. Also, the subjective health condition after treatment and subjective assessment of efficacy, polled after 1 week, were significantly more positive among participants in the active bioresonance therapy group than among those in the placebo group. Adverse side effects were not observed.

Conclusion: According to the findings attained by this pilot study, bioresonance therapy is clinically effective in smoking cessation and does not show any adverse side effects.

Forsch Komplementärmed 2014;21(4):239-45

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Mandelay bei Facebook

NeuigkeitenPosted by Dr. Kai A. Simon 02 Nov, 2015 18:11:49
Der Hersteller von SCIO / Eductor - Mandelay Kft aus Budapest - ist jetzt auch bei Facebook präsent.

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Literatur zum Thema Bioresonanz

NeuigkeitenPosted by Dr. Kai A. Simon 30 Oct, 2015 22:46:24
In den letzten Jahren Jahren wurden zum Thema Bioresonanz eine Reihe informativer Bücher veröffentlicht. Eine schnelle Suche ergab zumindest ein Dutzend Bücher verschiedener Autoren, die verschiedene Aspekte des Themas beleuchten und sowohl Theorie, als auch Praxis umfassend beleuchten. Wir möchten hier kein spezielles Buch bewerben, sondern würden interessierten Menschen empfehlen, sich zum Thema zu informieren.

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Transcranial electrical stimulation

NeuigkeitenPosted by Dr. Kai A. Simon 22 Oct, 2015 22:50:26

It's not entirely new, but I still find this very interesting:
"In a lab in Oxford University's experimental psychology department, researcher Roi Cohen Kadosh is testing an intriguing treatment: He is sending low-dose electric current through the brains of adults and children as young as 8 to make them better at math.
A relatively new brain-stimulation technique called transcranial electrical stimulation may help people learn and improve their understanding of math concepts."
Full article

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